Have you ever seen a NFT containing other NFT's & Cryptos& more crazy rewards inside ?
Whitelist mint
Price: Free mint (max 1 per wallet)
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That’s what MetaPiggyBanks are all about ! Like a Real piggy bank, the more you hold, the more you earn.

To break your piggy or not, that’s the question!

Robot NFT
Astronaut NFT
Blue NFT
Army NFT
Transparent NFT
Faded NFT
Tiger NFT
Pinata NFT
Fren NFT
Army masked NFT
Punk NFT

How it works?

1. RatingYour piggy bank can have various rarities influencing its content and price on the market.
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Mint Factory

888 Genesis MetaPiggyBanks

0.0888 ETH

Blur background
MetaPiggyBanks Banner
Eyes, backgrounds, clothes, badge pins...
All traits will be revealed soon
MetaPiggyBanks are made by a professional french designer who works for famous luxury brands. The team is composed of experts in blockchain technologies and more generally Web3.0
Mr PighoffMr PighoffFull-Stack Developer
Discord Mr Pighoff#2619
PiggyGodPiggyGodFrench Artist
Discord PiggyGod#3026
CoyotomCoyotomMarketing Manager
Twitter @CoyoTom
Discord Coyotom#4242
Dr.Yr7Dr.Yr7Blockchain Developer
Discord Dr.Yr7#4536
Boglet Mc FomoBoglet Mc FomoCommunity Manager
Twitter @McFomo
Discord Boglet McFomo#4281
Phase 1 - 0%
Birth of the first piggy. We will store it in a safe place, away from daylight. We will think of all the customisation possibilities, in order to create the best piggies we can.
Phase 2 - 20%
In this phase, we will focus on the development of the community. We will open whitelisting and run an airdrop campaign at the same time.
Phase 3 - 40%
Minting starts now for whitelisted users. The public sale will take place a few hours later. You will now be able to trade your piggies on OpenSea.
Phase 4 - 50%
An interface dedicated to the rewards system will be put together so you can see what's in the rewards pool, in real time.
Phase 5 - 70%
A blockchain event will be organized by us and will gather 1500 people (more informations coming). The entry will be free of charge for all MetaPiggyBanks holders.
Phase 6 - 80%
Starting from now, the bravest of us will be able to break their piggies, and get the reward if they want. The supply will start decreasing, and your NFT will start gaining in value.
Phase 7 - 100%
For those who didn't break their piggies, our 3D models will be made compatible with various metaverses. You will now have to possibility to use and display your piggies, in a virtual world.
Phase 8 - 8888%
Congratulations! The owner of the last piggy will now have the choice to keep, sell, or break the pig, in order to gain what is left in the rewards pool.

MetaPiggyBanks are the first rewards-filled pigs!
It is a community of 8888 NFTs randomly generated on the Ethereum Blockchain.

MetaPiggyBanks provides you a lifetime brotherhood with your 8888 other companions!
In addition, you will gain access to tickets for IRL events, airdrops, voting power in our DAO, merch, and many more surprises!

Meta Piggybanks are NFTs based on a ERC-721 contract on the Ethereum blockchain. To explain it quickly, it’s NFTs that will have unique and revolutionary features giving you the possibility to hold, exchange or even break your NFT to be able to obtain rewards.

The fact that you can choose to break your NFT means that it will have a deflationary supply, with each NFT getting more and more value as the number of remaining NFTs gets lower.

Who never had, as a child, a small piggy bank to store their savings? Our team certainly had some and we loved them. It was such a great experience to fill it up one coin at a time. We never really knew how much was inside of it after a while, so we always asked ourselves “If I break it now, is what’s inside enough to buy what I want ?” and “Do I really want to destroy something so beautiful ?” most of the time the answer was “No” so we would wait some time before we really needed the money, to finally break it.

The secret lies here: the more we waited the bigger was the reward.

This is a concept that some of us had a lot of difficulty applying in our investments nowadays with cryptos or NFTs. We would just look at the price and think “That’s lots of money, I’m gonna sell it now” because we can see the value of it in real time. And most of the time we would come back months later and regret selling it because the price kept goping up.

Here, with MetaPiggyBanks, we wish to reproduce this genuine feeling of not wanting to get separated from your NFT, and not knowing exactly what’s inside of it until the moment you break it. Sure, you can have a vague guess of how much is inside or decide like any other NFT to not break it and just sell it. But you could get much more value by holding it and breaking it later.

Your MetaPiggyBank will be containing ETH no matter what. And, if you're lucky, there might be other NFT'S in it, or tokens from a blue chip project like Chainlink for example... More surprises will be announced soon! There is a whole lot of stuff your MetaPiggyBank can be yieldin! You decide with our DAO voting system!

You will be able to burn your MetaPiggyBank whenever you want. A special tab will be implemented on our website to do so.

Tuesday, March 8, 2022 at 9PM UTC
9pm – 11pm UTC = WhiteList
11pm UTC = Public mint
ALLOCATION : 2 max/wallet

MINT PRICE : 0.0888 ETH (ERC-20 Network)

Total collections: 8,888 items

MetaPiggyBanks total supply is still at 8,888 units but we will divide the sale into smaller rounds like this first Genesis mint.

In addition to having a very rare NFT, holders will have access to a new channel called "#Genesis" with exclusive benefits. Holders will be granted more voting power in the future DAO and other surprises.

The other rounds are defined as follows:
ROUND 2 : 3,960 MetaPiggyBanks => MINT DATE/PRICE TBA
ROUND 3 : 3,960 MetaPiggyBanks => MINT DATE/PRICE TBA
The other rounds will follow very quickly...
Total collections: 8,888 items

After minting, you will be able to see your MetaPiggyBank on OpenSea or LooksRARE.
You simply need to connect your wallet to it. We recommend using Metamask.

We're reserving 88 MetaPiggyBanks for giveaways, competitions and general promo purpose to help grow the MetaPiggyBanks reach & community. These MetaPiggyBanks will be randomly selected and only used as giveaways after launch over a long period of time.

The remaining 8,800 MetaPiggyBanks are for sale.